Gambar Raya Bersama Anjing Jadi Viral, Akhirnya Ini Penjelasan Dari Ahli Keluarga

Gambar Raya Bersama Anjing, Ini Penjelasan Dari Ahli Keluarga 

Pada tahun ini, sekeping gambar lama sekali lagi menjadi viral setealh dimuatnaik di laman Facebook.

Bambar berkenaan menunjukkan sebuah keluarga mengambil gambar raya bersama seekor anjing.

Gambar itu cepat dan pantas menjadi tumpuan ramai kerana 'anjing' sering kali dikaitkan dengan isu haram memegangnya.

Seorang lelaki bernama Syed Azmi berjaya menjejaki ahli keluarga dan pemilik gambar berkenaan.

Menerusi perkongsian Syed Azmi, salah seorang ahli keluarga yang juga pemilik anjing tersbeut tampil memberi kenyataan dan membuat penjelasan.


Jom baca perkongsian Syed Azmi:

This photo circulate on social media few days ago by a dear friend. No ill intention there but he was mesmerized with the photo.

Digging further, i just wanted to make sure this family is ok from all the negatives. It worries me a bit as i have face it before.

Alhamdulillah, i managed to get in touch with one of the family members and had a chat. Here, i share with you our small chat.

Rest assured, they are all ok.

"Assalammualaikum my name is A and can I know why you're looking for my family?"

Me: "On my end, i just want to make sure the people in the photos is ok and safe. That's all."

"Oh we're ok, it was an old photo. We're used to the negative comments from people. We just ignore them. Thank you very much for your concern, I actually went to your event IWTTAD years ago before the photo was taken because the rottweiler belongs to my dad for house guarding purposes but I was scared of the dog. So your event kinda helps me overcome my fear.

I have a lot of respect for you and the way u handle what you went through after the event.Thank you for checking up on us. Just ignore what people say and keep doing what your heart feels right."


I asked about the photos and consent to share this photo.

Here is their side of the story and i find it heartwarming to share. May Allah protect them.

" Hello Assalammualaikum Syed Azmi, my family members thank you for respecting our privacy by asking permission first before sharing our raya photo. They say ok. 

"However there's a few things to let you know, the raya photo was taken in 2014. It went viral on second syawal the same year after my younger sister posted it on her instagram. 

"So the first time it went viral people already started bashing but we totally ignore them and soon the noises dissappear. I think every year there are people sharing this photo but not as massive as the first time, but it definitely is a big of a deal this year as compared to previous years.

"As I have mentioned earlier we have rottweiler back home in kampung for house guarding purposes. My parents live alone, all of us are not around in kampung with them. My dad previously installed perimeter alarm and even CCTV yet burglary still happen, and CCTV footage shown to police didn't help. So my dad decided to get a rottweiler, and the burglary stops.

"So we have our reasons, people will say whatever they want and it's actually hard to convince people. It's ok though because we believe Allah knows. That is why we just kept quiet and ignore everything, there's no use of trying to convince people. The rottweiler in the photo named Dino actually no longer with us, he served us well. Now we have a new rottweiler at home named David and we love him as much as Dino.

"My late grandfather was a Chinese Muslim, he had a dog when I was really small but when the dog passed he didn't replace it. So all of us are not use to having dogs around except my dad. 

"We are all cat lovers, so when I heard of your IWTTAD event I bring my children along so they won't be like me hahaha and we gained a lot during the event. Now I even feed stray dogs and not scared of them as much as before.

"I think that is all, thank you again for reaching out to us."

It may not be everyone's cup of tea so be civil about it.

To me, it's beautiful.

Thank you for letting me share this part of the story. May Allah bless all of you."



Secara kesimpulannya, anjing itu memang milik keluarga berkenaan atau lebih tepat lagi milik si ayah.

Anjing itu dibela untuk menjadi pelindung atau dengan kata lain sebagai guard rumah ayah di kampung.

Untuk pengetahuan, rumah ayahnya sering dimasuki pencuri dan walaupun pelbagai kaedah digunakan kes kecurian masih berlaku.

Sejak membela anjing jenis rottweiler itu, akhirnya kes kecurian tidak berlaku lagi. Aning tersbeut memang dibela sebagai penjaga keselamatan.

Ahli keluarga berkenaan juga memberitahu datuk nya merupakan Chinese Muslim pernah mempunyai seekor anjing sebelum ini.


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