Friday, September 30, 2016

Pensyarah UiTM, Dr Ira Tegur Azizan Osman

Pensyarah UiTM, Dr Ira Tegur Azizan Osman

Kini nama Azizan Osman menjadi bualan hangat apabila didapati menggunakan ijazah kedoktoran yang palsu kononnya dari UM

Kes ini mendapat liputan meluas daripada media dan orang ramai yang tertunggu-tunggu apa reaksi Azizan Osman.

Kini 3 Universiti iaitu UM, UKM dan UniKL tampil menafikan memberi gelaran Doktor kepada Azizan Osman.

Beberapa pihak yang pernah menghadiri ceramahnya merasa tertipu dengan Azizan.

Ramai yang memberipendapat masing-masing berhubung perkara ini, tetapi pandangan seorang pensyarah di UiTM Shah Alam iaitu Dr Ira Normardiana Yusof amat mencuri perhatian ramai.

Pensyarah ini memiliki ijazah kedoktoran daripada University Of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Buat Dr Ira, Azizan telah menyebarkan satu budaya yang kurang elok dimana tidak apa untuk memalsukan sesuatu asalkan anda berjaya satu hari nanti. Kata orang, berjaya tanpa usaha.

Berikut kenyataan beliau:

“Fake it till you make it” Virus

First, I want to congratulate a certain someone for changing many Bumiputras’ entrepreneurs' fate,future or even fortune as what have been claimed in your renowned seminars and motivational talks.

I have never been to any of your session, hence I could not measure or research your methods, theories,strategies, your effectiveness nor any of your approaches.

U have dangerously advocated a virus called “Fake it till you make it”.

It is tremendously dangerous because all your supporters seemed to corner your ring and decided to defend you albeit it has appeared that you have committed a qualification fraud. A qualification fraud can take many forms, but usually it is when a person claims to have a qualification yet it was never awarded to them. In your case, it was your Ph.D.

Let me share with you on the fundamental Ph.D odyssey in order to gain the famous “Dr.” title. Does a Ph.D doctorate makes us feel smart?.Yes, indeed! Absolutely!

But before we or anybody else in the world could call us “Doctor”,
We have to learn, we have to learn research and fieldwork, we have to be excellent exemplars in all repertoire required in our Ph.D odyssey. We have to be bloody good at statistics and we even have to become expert at vital quantitative and qualitative softwares like the SPSS and Nvivo.

It normally takes us years to do massive literature review, comparative studies ,data collection and data analysis in our given field.We have to write and present our international papers at numerous international conferences and ought to do networking with as many renowned scholars and professors from all over the world.

All these are crucial processes to the finale of our viva voce(viva) where our 4-6 years of our Ph.D hard work can either bring us the ‘Dr.’ title or not.

I have many friends who have failed to gain their Ph.D/ Dr. title, but I have yet to find any of them who shamelessly use the title. Why?.
Because they know. IT WAS BLOODY HARD and u have to earn it.

But they took pride in the Ph.D journey even though they did not get the title ‘Dr.’

Bear in mind that these people who did not get their Ph.Ds and doctorate titles have “fought to the death” during the gruelling hours of their viva session.

And for you to advocate and implement this “Fake it till you make it” attitude and virus especially to the younger Gen Y in this country,
I would NOT say…

SHAME ON YOU like many others, but rather advise you to embark on the real Ph.D study at a real university.

Because “Fake it till you make it” virus as advocated and popularised by you is completely killing the our forte, profession and reputation by sending wrong message to the young Gen-Y in this country as well as my university students that I am currently teaching.

But most importantly, this “Fake it till you make it” virus is also denying all our 4-6 years of ‘Real’ Ph.D hard work. Last but not least, there’s nothing wrong using the title Mr. in any of your seminars or talks because if you are good, you’re good!!. It is better than using a fake title.

Best wishes,

Dr Ira Normardiana


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